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Treglos Hotel, Restaurant & Spa, Constantine Bay, Padstow, Cornwall

Trewithen Gardens

Cornish Gardens

Medieval house with superb collections of textiles, armour and furniture, set in extensive grounds. Website:

Magnificent late Victorian country house with extensive servants' quarters, gardens and wooded estate only a short drive from Treglos Hotel. Website:

Eden Project
More than just a green theme park, then? Eden is about connecting plants, people and places. A living demonstration of regeneration and aiming to reconnect people with their environments locally and globally. Website:

Heligan Gardens
Heligan, seat of the Tremayne family for more than 400 years, is one of the most mysterious estates in England. At the end of the nineteenth century its thousand acres were at their zenith, but only a few years later bramble and ivy were already drawing a green veil over this "Sleeping Beauty". After decades of neglect, the devastating hurricane of 1990 should have consigned the Lost Gardens of Heligan to a footnote in history. Website:

Prideaux Place
We welcome you to come and share in our enjoyment of Prideaux Place, its grounds and many treasures. The house is a well known secret in Cornwall and has many things to offer and a history like no other. Website:

Pencarrow House
This is the home of the Molesworth-St Aubyn's and definitely a lived-in house, not a museum! You will see all the things the family loves best, including their photos, hats on the classical statues and the grandchildren's toys left around - just like your home! The smell of lunch being prepared wafts through from the private quarters, making you anticipate with pleasure your imminent visit to the tearooms for your own meal. Oscar and Sambo, the family pet dogs, love to welcome visitors too and often join in the guided tour! Website:

Trewithen Gardens
At every turn of Trewithen's level gravelled pathways, there is some new wonder to behold. From champion trees to rare shrubs, from a wildflower meadow to woodland glades, exotic fern collections and tree top viewing platforms, it would be hard to find anywhere more beautiful or more intriguing than Trewithen's deservedly famous garden. Website:

Trebah Gardens
Trebah Garden is open every day of the year and all visitors have access to our private beach on the Helford River.

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